Our Credentialing Process

Panel Selection

Our panel is made up of Board Certified providers from various disciplines and specialties nationwide.  We do not simply choose from pre-approved state lists, rather individually contact and personally screen each provider in a thorough credentialing process.  Once part of our panel, our providers and their staff are in continuous contact with our team, fostering a relationship of integrity and professionalism.   In order to be considered for our panel, providers must meet certain professional criteria.  The following is a list of many points that we take into consideration during our screening process.

All Providers Must Be:

  • Board Certified in their specialty.
  • In active clinical practice or its equivalent as defined by their state law.
  • Holding a valid, unrestricted license to practice their related field granted  by the appropriate state licensing authority.
  • Able to practice to the fullest extent of his or her license without restriction
  • Maintaining his, or her, own professional liability/malpractice insurance.
  • Willing to testify in court to support their opinions.
  • In agreement to remain impartial, without bias when rendering an opinion on an IME or  File Review.
  • Able to comply with our turnaround time requirements.

Quality Control

Examiner profiles are re-reviewed prior to scheduling an evaluation/review to ensure all credentials are appropriate and up-to-date. Final reports are reviewed to ensure requested content has been addressed by the Provider. Quality assurance checks are performed each month on randomly selected reports. Provider reports may undergo anonymous peer review to ensure professionalism and that quality standards are being maintained.


If we become aware of misconduct on the part of the Independent Evaluator that may jeopardize in any way the referral source, the claimant, Paramount Review Services or other involved parties, that provider rendering such services will be immediately and indefinitely expelled from the panel and if necessary, proper authorities notified.

Our company develops and maintains a strong professional relationship with our panel providers and their staff.  By doing so we are able to assess the ethical and professional manner in which each office conducts business, their level of efficiency and their ability to maintain open lines of communication with our staff.  With a large panel of specialists, we continue to place special emphasis on choosing the most appropriate physician background to the specific case at hand.  If we do not feel we have a provider suitable for a unique file request, we will immediately locate and credential a specialist that will be the most qualified match for your needs.

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