This Page is For Claimants

who are scheduled for an Independent Medical Examination

At the request of your insurance carrier or attorney, you have been scheduled for an Independent Medical Examination in connection with your claim.  This exam is to determine the necessity of current and future treatments for your related injury. 

These exams are standard protocol when seeking treatment under a claim. 

The following points are extremely important, please read them carefully and contact us immediately with any questions


ü      Please notify Paramount Review Services toll free, (877) 743-9538, at least three days prior to your exam if you feel you cannot make your scheduled appointment or you will be considered a ‘no show’ to your exam.  Do not contact the scheduled provider’s office regarding your appointment; all scheduling is handled through our office with the approval of your adjuster.


ü      The day of exam you may be required to fill out an intake form so you may want to show up for your appointment a few minutes early.


ü      It is mandatory that you provide photo identification so be sure to have a driver’s license, passport, or other valid picture ID.


ü      It is also mandatory that you bring with you to the exam any related X-rays, MRIs, or CAT scans.  Films: To obtain your films, simply contact the office where you had the films taken and tell them you will need a copy (Note: you may prefer to request to borrow and return the films as many offices will charge for film copies.  Keep in mind that these films are yours and it is your right to access them or obtain copies).  Medical Records:  Your adjuster will provide us with the contents of your file, inclusive of medical records provided to them relating to your claim – any additional medical records that you feel might be helpful to the examiner should be brought with you to your exam.


ü      Please understand that failure to attend your scheduled exam without proper notice may likely result in the termination of your related benefits.  It is crucial that you contact our office immediately if you cannot be in attendance.

Call (877) 743-9538

Many companies can arrange an IME, but no one will provide the customer service you will find at Paramount Review Services.

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