Paramount Review Services

A division of Paramount Evaluation Group, Inc.

Paramount Review Services is a national independent medical review company providing:

  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Peer/File Reviews
  • Bill Review
  • Case Management
  • Many other Independent Review Services

We have providers nationwide…

…and in every discipline, even many of the more unique. We offer examiners in every state; major cities as well as smaller towns.

Paramount services Insurance Claims Adjusters, Attorneys, Third Party Administrators, Employers and State Agencies with Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Liability, and other Attorney requests.

With Paramount you will find a smaller chain of command, enabling us to listen to the needs of our clients, and in many cases assist in determining the best service, or specialist, to request in order to get your questions answered.  When you work with our team, we take it from start to finish, delivering exactly what you requested.

Well aware of the issues at hand, Paramount has built itself upon standards of quality reporting and integrity of its team.  Our mission is to provide thorough, unbiased, reports by providers with the most appropriate credentials for your request.  Reports are backed by expertise, not mere internet research and mass “template style” report generation.  We understand there are many IME companies to choose from, but when you choose, keep in mind, no matter how ‘low’ the fee or ‘fast’ the turnaround, an incomplete report, or one not backed by appropriate credentials, is useless and may become extremely expensive in arbitration.

The process can once again be thorough and honest – We encourage you to do your part by keeping your standards high.

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Many companies can arrange an IME, but no one will provide the customer service you will find at Paramount Review Services.

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