A Unique Specialty in Electroneurodiagnostics

Paramount Review Services has always placed a strong focus on recognizing the needs of our clients and the credentialing of our providers.  In response to a costly issue facing our auto insurance clients, PRS now offers a unique specialty in Electroneurodiagnostic Studies (NCV, SSEP, EMG, CPTs, etc).  Recognizing the abuse and over-utilization of electro-neurodiagnostic testing overtaking the industry, we offer a panel of Providers formally trained in Electroneurodiagnostics to be assigned to any file review involving these studies.  With a trained eye, our doctors are able to immediately recognize unnecessary or improper use, and potential billing/coding errors, creating a more thorough, accurate, and useful report.

In addition, we have trained EDX specialists at hand to assist your team with their diagnostic claims and questions, working closely to help them recognize the red flags associated.  This training has enabled us to help our clients diminish the over-billing and over-utilization they had been paying out on for so long.

This is just one example of our rapid response to the needs of our clients.

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